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The Original Seaweed Genever
Zeeuwier Jenever 2.0

Coming Soon!

At the moment we are 'upgrading' our Seaweed Genever with a new bottle and an international label.
Drink it with oysters, sushi or fresh fish.

Where it all started

Back in 2009 this product was born on Twitter, Petra de Boevere, owner of a liquor store from Breskens the Netherlands had a large online community because of her blogging about her life between bottles. Together with this community the idea became a product.
Oysters really needed a genever with the taste of the sea, they needed a bit of saltiness for the perfect combination.

The Mermaid

There is a story about the mermaid, actually it's a song .
It's in Dutch, a sort of Dutch, it's in fact the dialect of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the Dutch part of Flanders.

The Original Seaweed Genever, SINCE 2009

"Close your eyes and smell, it's the smell of the seaweed at low tide when you're on top of the dike."

This is a Zeeuwmeermin, she is a Mermaid from Flanders coast.